Oklahoma Wesleyan University will soon officially launch the Josh McDowell Institute for Christian Apologetics. McDowell, one of the most popular leading Christian apologists of the past half-century, will be heading a select group of outstanding speakers.

On Thursday, November 14, all pastors and church leaders are invited to attend the pre-inaugural teaching event. Josh McDowell will address how to equip congregations with a more robust Christian worldview. Sean McDowell will speak to youth ministry, Frank Turek will discuss challenges and solutions in college-aged ministry, and Abdu Murray will speak about how to communicate the gospel with people of different religions and belief systems.

On Friday, November 15, the Josh McDowell Institute will launch its inaugural conference, open to the public. For this audience, McDowell and the other guest speakers will address several of the unique challenges facing the church today. The Institute will unveil its plans to provide resources to help address these key challenges.

OKWU, uniquely, is housing the Josh McDowell Legacy Library, including all the books McDowell has authored and a repository of all of his sermon transcripts, numbering over 8,000.

The Josh McDowell Institute is also responsible for development of a new Master of Arts in Theology and Apologetics. The institute will bring some of the world’s most distinguished Christian thinkers and leaders to campus each semester for the benefit of students and the public.

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