I have no refuge; no one cares for my life. (Ps. 142:4)

WHEN HIS WIFE LEFT HIM, evangelist, minister, and songwriter Charles Weigle lapsed into such grief and depression that he contemplated suicide. Where was God? No one seemed to care! But with the Lord’s help, Weigle recovered and resumed his work. As he later recalled God’s faithfulness through his dark time, the music and the words seemed to flow, resulting in the beloved hymn “No One Cares for Me Like Jesus.” It was first published in 1932, and since then many have also come to realize the Savior’s compassionate concern.

David also felt abandoned by God. While hiding from Saul in a cave, David poured out the words we read in Psalm 142. No one cared, he wrote, even God who had previously promised to make him king. Yet over time, David recovered and discovered that God cared very much and had been working behind the scenes to smooth the way for David to become king.

Do you feel that God has deserted you? If so, where do you seek relief and reassurance? From others? Of course, they can help, but the same divine Friend who comforted Charles Weigle—and David—deeply cares about you and will help you recover and redirect you into a new life with Him.

Tell someone how Christ brought you through a hard time.

Anne Adams lives in Athens, Texas, where she writes a weekly historical column for the Athens Review newspaper.

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