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Remember him—before the silver cord is severed, and the golden bowl is broken. (Ecc. 12:6)

A friend I have known since grade school lost his father to cancer when he was young. My friend’s father, while his body was being ravaged by sickness, encouraged his children, “Find one more for Jesus, just one more.” Death came for him early, and yet through his dying, he focused on remembering the promises of God and urging his children to help spread the good news of Jesus Christ’s salvation.

Let us not be coy; death can steal upon us when we do not expect it. To be sure, health, habits, and age may hasten death, but even the young and healthy can experience its sting. We die. Those two words alone should be enough to sharpen and focus our senses on remembering the hope and life offered in Jesus Christ, both for ourselves and for those with whom we come into contact—other people who desperately need to remember God before their time on this earthly pilgrimage is ended.

We can find two ways to remember God before death, and my friend’s father tapped into both: Remember what God has done for you, and let others know what Jesus Christ offers. Are you remembering God as if today was your last day in this life? Are you speaking to others of Jesus Christ as if it could be their last day?

Ask God to bring you one person with whom to share Jesus.

Paul Zeller is an adult discipleship pastor who enjoys reading history and science-fiction—looking for theological movements in stories. He believes that faithful imagination opens doors for Jesus.

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