So that with one heart and mouth you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Rom. 15:6)

I WAS IN THE SEVENTH GRADE when auditions for Godspell were announced at our local church. It was clear at the outset that our cast, comprised entirely of students, faced challenge. Aside from the typical issues associated with working with a group of teens, there was the lack of resources, lack of support from the church at large, and, most important, a lack of discernable talent. It reminded me of a line in Barbara Robinson’s The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,“All the rest of us are the angel choir—lined up according to height because nobody can sing parts. As a matter of fact, nobody can sing. We’re strictly a no-talent outfit.”

Politics between parishioners and parents proved difficult. The departure of the former youth pastor had left a serious rift between the youth group and the rest of the church. No one believed that this group of kids was capable of producing anything either God-fearing, or theatrically pleasing, let alone both. Some members openly resented the sharing of space and resources.

But God surprised everyone, especially the cast, when He showed up on opening night, working in the hearts of actors and audience members alike. That was the first of many productions the church and youth group produced together, and the last of the division between them. Sometimes the Holy Spirit unifies His people in the most unexpected ways!

Encourage a volunteer who is working at your church.

Ruthie Marie Anderson is a junior majoring in biblical and theological studies at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. She enjoys doing yoga, reading science fiction, and making homemade bread while watching Downton Abbey.

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