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Peter said to him, “We have left all we had to follow you!” (Luke 18:28)

Expanded Passage: Luke 18:26–30

Early in our marriage, my husband and I had the privilege of visiting Doris Wall, a Wesleyan missionary in British Guyana. We traveled to a remote village in a tiny biplane, where we met one of the warmest, strongest souls we had ever encountered. Her tiny refrigerator ran on kerosene, and she washed her clothes in a nearby river, but she served with a joyful heart. This petite but powerful lady had left her family and friends and had completely given her life to bring the gospel of Jesus to this small village. She walked with the Lord her whole life, and she knew where she was storing up her treasure. What an honor it was to walk beside her for a few weeks on this side of heaven.

We aren’t all called to serve as missionaries in faraway places, but we are all called to follow Jesus with open hearts and a readiness to say yes. The temptation is to buy into the enemy's lie that we will give up more than we will ever get in return. The lesson I learned from this wonderful lady is that when I say yes to God, I will always have more than enough.

Don’t give in to the suggestion that Jesus will ask for too much and leave us empty. Following him will always leave us more than satisfied.

Seek a blessed life by following Jesus.

Holly Atkinson is a pastor’s wife, mother of two girls, and a graduate of OKWU and Wesley Seminary. She currently serves as an assistant principal at a private school in Florida.

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