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From the time he put him in charge of his household . . . the Lord blessed the household of the Egyptian because of Joseph. (Gen. 39:5)

What motivates you to succeed in your endeavors? Our motivations shape the way we go about our lives and how we accomplish our goals. If we care too much about how people view us, we can easily become pushovers. If we care too much about what we have, we can often become stingy in how we spend our money. If we care too much about how well we do, we can easily become legalistic. All of these perspectives can enhance the work we do, but when they are misplaced, they can potentially overrun our lives.

When our motivations are out of place, we can find our success is limited because we haven’t done it first for God. Our pride might get in the way because we take credit for something that is not ours to take. However, when we work as an offering to God and place our desires aside, we give him the space to bless and bring success to that work. Joseph was faithful to work first for the Lord and then for his masters, and because of this, the Lord blessed both Potiphar’s household and the warden.

We must be humble and give glory to God in the work he places before us; we need to get out of the way so others will see and benefit from his blessing. Then we will see true success in our work.

Work faithfully unto the Lord, and he will bless it.

Allison Krupp is a resident pastor at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana, and pursuing ordination. She enjoys having conversations over coffee and laughing loudly with friends.

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