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Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! (2 Cor. 9:15)

Before I was born, my mother knew one thing—I was a boy. Except that I wasn’t! I was a dark-haired, black-eyed girl without a name or anything pink. The one thing I did not lack was love. My parents showered me with love. As far as they were concerned, I was a gift to the world.

Their love paled in contrast to God’s love for his Son and the gift he knew Jesus would be to the world. Jesus watched his Father hang the stars, plan the colors of each flower, and breathe life into the first earthly human. Can you imagine their conversation as God told Jesus about his plan to save humanity? Can you hear the heart of a Father who loves his Son but also loves us, knowing that the only way to save the hearts of people was through the gift of a perfect sacrifice? Can you see tears falling as God grieved over what his Son would face?

What amazes me is the willingness of Jesus to be that gift. He agreed to God’s plan although he would need to leave his beautiful home. It was not just God that loved—it was the Son who loved, too. Our finite minds cannot fathom the magnitude of that perfect gift, but we can accept the greatest gift of all—salvation.

Give God praise for the greatest gift ever given.

Pamela J. Kuhn’s husband is a professor at Indiana Wesleyan University. Her favorite word is joy; her favorite place is anywhere that holds books and sells tea.

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