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We . . . will confine our boasting to the sphere of service God himself has assigned to us, a sphere that also includes you. (2 Cor. 10:13)

Expanded Passage: 2 Corinthians 10:12–16

When my children organized a game of kickball, there was an argument about who got to be pitcher. Our oldest was selected, and the game did not go well. Fielding was lazy, and kicks were weak. No one played to the best of their ability because they were more focused on what they weren’t doing instead of helping the rest of the team. The game did not last long, and everyone was frustrated.

As a member of the body of Christ, Paul understood his role within the larger organization. Paul explained that there was a ministry for which he was responsible, and there was ministry that he was not called to do. His role did not make him superior to any other member of the body. The temptation to compare ministry roles, or desire the role that seemed the most important, did not distract Paul, because he was proud of God’s calling on his life and did not want to be something else.

There is no hierarchy in the body of Christ. If you are leaning into the role God has given you, there is no need to compare yourself to others. Whether you are a teacher, encourager, or helper—they are all necessary for God’s church. Are you striving for something you aren’t meant to be, or have you embraced your God-given role?

Consider what hole you may be leaving that someone else will have to fill.

Carla Working is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church. She serves as the Crossroads District’s chief operations officer (Indiana) and co-pastors with her husband.

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