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And if you look for it as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure (Prov. 2:4)

Coach Ben explained a workout that seemed to be impossible. The interval training he had set up was simply too fast-paced and too long for even the fittest person on the track team to come close to making it halfway through the workout. We assumed it was designed for us to fail. In reality, the exercise was designed not to be achievable but to test how much we were willing to push ourselves. Most of us failed the workout because we chose to give a half-hearted attempt, already mentally defeated.

Everyone has something or someone that they passionately pursue; it could be a healthy marriage, a certain degree, or physical health. God wants us to look for understanding and knowledge of God like it is something we treasure. However, sometimes, we tend to give a half-hearted attempt in our search. We casually ask God for wisdom in prayer but neglect studying scripture or get frustrated and defeated when the answers to our tough questions are not written plainly when we search the Bible for answers.

Just like Coach Ben wanted us to chase after our best effort, this Scripture passage is clear that if we passionately pursue wisdom and understanding, then we will find it. The Father wants to reveal himself to us, but he also wants us to passionately pursue him.

Choose to pursue God’s wisdom passionately.

Sadie Kaminski received her masters of divinity from Wesley Seminary in 2020. In her free time, she loves to climb the sand dunes along Lake Michigan.

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