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Whoever has ears, let them hear. (Rev. 13:9)

As we walked in the door at home after school, I asked my daughter to hang up her backpack. A few minutes later, on my way to the living room, I noticed her bag lying on the floor by the door instead of hanging in the mudroom where it belonged. When I questioned her about it, her response was that she had not even heard my request. Even though she was within earshot, her lack of paying attention resulted in disobedience to her mom.

I find myself in a similar situation at times. I sit listening to a Sunday sermon, and I leave forgetting what it was about. I open my morning devotions and read through them quickly to check them off my list without ever asking God what he is speaking through his Word.

God, in the book of Revelation, is commanding us to pay attention. His asking this of us is not to control or manipulate us, but so that we will not be controlled or manipulated by our enemy. He knows that there are many things that grab our attention, but that his instruction leads us to abundant life, truth, and love. However, if we do not know what those instructions are, we cannot respond in obedience. God’s desire is not just that we are in earshot, but that we hear.

Prayerfully ask the Spirit to give you ears to hear.

Heather Mazellan is a student at Wesley Seminary, thankful wife, and joyful mother to three kids.

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