#GivingTuesday (November 29) is a day dedicated to giving to reach people with the hope of Jesus Christ. With God’s help we are equipping urban church planters and mobilizing holistic church planting teams to unreached global cities. Below are two opportunities for you to join us in giving.

Equipping urban church planters in North America

Since 1990, the general population has been trending back toward the urban centers. What we do next about this trend, could shape the future of the church and the world. Help build a legacy that bears fruit for years to come. Support the raising up of new urban church planters, encourage current urban ministry workers, and stimulate an urban church planting movement. Give to North American urban church planters.

Mobilizing global church teams

With 7,000 unreached ethnic groups in the world, most people have never had a life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. They will remain lost unless someone crosses cultures to reach them with the gospel. There are over one million communities, many in new and expanding cities, without one local church. By faith, we are believing that during this Christmas season, God will help us lay a foundation to launch 20 new teams in unreached cities around the world. Give to mobilize global church teams.

This #GivingTuesday, those of us in The Wesleyan Church have an opportunity to not only make a difference, but make a different world!

From uptown to downtown, Chinatown to Oldtown, we have the ability to see our city centers made new.

The Wesleyan Church believes every man, woman, and child deserves the opportunity to be in proximity to a life-giving church community.

It’s been said if you reach the cities, you’ll reach the nations. With 83 percent of the population now living in metropolitan areas, the major population centers in North America are vital mission fields for kingdom growth and influence.

Ministry in our cities is too daunting and complicated for leaders to go it alone and untrained.

In the midst of the holiday shopping frenzy, take some satisfaction in making a tangible expression toward bringing God’s love where it is needed most.

Thank you for giving generously!

Dr. Wayne Schmidt, General Superintendent, The Wesleyan Church