Attendees of The Gathering were asked if they wanted to comment on their experience during the three-day pastor and spouse event in Orlando last month. The Gathering goal was for attendees to be “encouraged, inspired and engaged at a deeper level with each other, their spouse and God.”

Following are a few of their responses:

  • My wife and I have only been married for two years and she didn’t grow up in The Wesleyan Church or much of a Christian household at all to speak of. This was her first “Wesleyan” event and our time together was precious. Watching her see what we’re a part of and watching God move in her heart was so amazing for me. We prayed more together, cried together and watched God cast an even bigger burden for ministry together. It was a huge life-changing moment for us as a couple.
  • The emphasis on Sabbatical was what I needed. I am on my 34th year of pastoring and been dealing with burnout. The conference ministered to me.
  • I am a retired computer professional who volunteers at church to help on the tech teams. The stories I heard and the love I observed have moved me to go and become a better disciple and to go and reach the lost.
  • … it was very refreshing to be on the receiving end. Ministry is a privilege, but it was nice to worship and sit under good preaching without any leadership responsibilities. I was also very thankful that my wife could be included.
  • As a pastor in transition, every message, every seminar, every “chance” meeting with old friends seemed like a direct message from God speaking to our hearts and filling us with a new assurance that he was leading our lives.
  • I received a fresh commissioning and empowerment from the Holy Spirit through this conference. It was by far the best conference I’ve ever attended.
  • …senti al Espiritu Santo obrar en mi. El Domingo anterior al Gathering prefica en la iglesia acerca de presentarnos ante Dios y adorarle para luego hacer las preguntas correctas a Dios y aceptar su respuesta, al estar acá en el Gathering el Espiritu Santo hizo rema en mi vida la predicación dando respuesta a mis preguntas hechas en adoración. Dios es fiel. (…I felt the Holy Spirit working in me. The Sunday before the Gathering at our church the sermon spoke about presenting ourselves before God and worshipping him so that we could ask him the right questions and accept his answers; here at The Gathering the Holy Spirit spoke Rhema in my life through the preaching, answering some of my questions which I brought before him during worship. God is faithful.)

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