See a brief pictorial report showing before and after photos from each of our staging areas. Photos five days after the typhoon are compared with photos from forty-five days later, with stunning results! Click on the download below.

The enormous challenge of providing help to over four million people displaced by the historic typhoon in the Philippines requires “all hands on deck.”

The Wesleyan Church is stepping up to the challenge locally and globally. In North America, over $200,000 has been raised by The Wesleyan Church so far, 100% of which goes to the relief and rebuilding efforts through the Wesleyan Church of the Philippines.

Currently, one medical team from the U.S. is on site with another one soon to follow. $1.5 million worth of donated medicines and medical supplies were made available through these teams. Some of the key members of the teams are from Celebrate, a Wesleyan church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Wesleyan relief and rebuilding ministry is being concentrated in three staging areas on three separate islands that were most devastated. Dr. Patacsil, the Philippines Wesleyan General Superintendent, is requesting short-term construction teams to come this summer. Teams should form in groups of up to six people any time from May through August. At least some of the team members should have construction skills. Those interested in forming a construction team should contact the Communications office at