The chaotic situation is becoming extreme in Manipur [Northeast India]. My colleagues and I had to return cross-country from a ministry tour to the Assam fields. Only by God’s grace did we make it safely.

There is widespread violence and public strikes. Government offices were burned down. Curfews are being imposed. No one can go to work, and so for most people there is no way to earn a daily living. This has been going on and people are suffering more and more. This includes many of our Wesleyan members. Church worship meetings are being restricted. We pastors of various tribes meet and pray. There is so little we can do but pray to God Almighty.

We really need your prayer and support also. It is our constant prayer to see peace and normal days return soon. Pray also that through such chaos in India, and in Manipur State, in particular, that God will open a wider door for us to reach the many, many people who are still in darkness. God bless you.