If any of them go outside your house into the street, their blood will be on their own heads; we will not be responsible. (Josh. 2:19)

Band members rode on the bus to all events. We were not allowed to take our own cars. It was a safety precaution. The school was responsible for ensuring the students arrived to the event and then made it safely back to the school after the event was over. However, on occasion parents would want to take their student home with them or older students would have plans afterward and want to drive themselves. In this instance, the parent was required to sign a waiver releasing the school from liability to keep the student safe. They cannot keep safe what is not under their authority.

The spies agreed to keep Rahab and her family safe from the destruction of Jericho. They instructed her to bring her family into her home and tie a scarlet cord in the window. The home with the scarlet cord and those inside would not be harmed. However, if any of her family were to remain outside of the protected home, then they were not responsible for their safety.

God offers us, as Christ-followers, protection from destruction. Yet, that protection comes with responsibility. We must remain in him. He will cover us and keep us safe as long as we commit our lives to him and his will. If we turn away, then we potentially face eternal consequences.

Surrender your control to obtain God’s protection in your life.

Tara Klein, a lover of words, shares her imperfect, unconventional Christian journey as a female, mother, and wife to invite others into God’s unconditional love.

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Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.