“‘I myself will tend my sheep and have them lie down, declares the Sovereign Lord.’” (Ezek. 34:15)

THINK OF THE LAUGHTER and giggles of young children living carefree, free of the worries of life that we develop as adults. They run through the fields, swing on swing sets, and ride the merry-go-round. This is their playground of life; no worries. They live totally dependent on their parents or guardians to care for them.

When life gets tough, especially during a time of mourning, our lives seem all but carefree. The questions “How are we going to do this or do that?” and “What is next?” come pouring through our grief.

God makes a declaration that He will tend, watch over, guard, protect, nurture, and encourage His people, a declaration that He will give us the rest we need. He does not give this job to someone else; He will be the one, as only He can. Yes, we find some solace in having our families and close friends nearby, but our deepest, innermost being can only be cared for by our heavenly Father. He alone can offer us carefree days once again.

We can hear Him call us, “Come child, let Me hold you awhile.” As we snuggle close to Him, our hearts become light and carefree. We can even begin to giggle with delight as we leave our worries with the One who will carry them for us.

Get closer to God and live carefree.

Carol Jimerson works as a letter carrier and enjoys gardening, canning, being a grandma, and taking photos.

© 2017 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.