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Then Isaiah said to Hezekiah, “Hear the word of the Lord Almighty.” (Isa. 39:5)

Good teachers know that the best lesson plans begin with clarifying what your students should know at the end. We can also apply this method in life to structure a lifetime posture of hearing God’s voice. Just as in the classroom, practice and foundational basics bring greater capacity and clarity. When the end is known, you can take measured steps to get there. Regularly practicing hearing God’s voice and following his directives daily can build a legacy for the future. While those daily choices can be momentarily difficult, over a lifetime they build a structure that goes far into the future.

Hezekiah started his life journey well. He did what God asked and led the people in a posture of obedience to God’s directives. But the passage of time did not improve Hezekiah’s reign. In fact, Hezekiah’s reign began well, but he set up his people for exile and his children to be conscripted into the house of foreigners. Hezekiah focused on present comforts without preparing his people for the future.

When faced with decisions about the future, we must ask the right questions and recognize that current comfort can influence our thinking. Knowing the desired end result can inform what we face. Ask yourself questions such as, Where does this desire come from? What has to go along with it? What will I gain, and what will I lose?

Ask the right questions to obtain better answers.

Sandy Emmett is the Wellness Synergist for Global Partners. She grew up as a MK, learning language in several countries in Europe and Africa. She loves reading, walking/hiking, traveling to new places, and—her new granddaughter.

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