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I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth. (Job 19:25)

As soon as the teacher leaves the classroom, all bets are off. The students are out of their seats. The noise level rises, and the assigned work is forgotten. I've been in that class and participated in that disobedience when it happened so many years ago.

Interestingly, one or two students always seemed to keep quiet and to continue to work as they were told. I became one of those few in my later years in school. We few had learned that the teacher was coming back and would know who had listened to them and who had not. It was much more pleasant when they knew you had obeyed. We few were ready.

Whether Job saw things that way or not, he loved the Lord God enough that he would not turn away from the right way of living. Job's unwavering belief in the return of the Redeemer compelled him to remain faithful to God.

Our Teacher, our Redeemer, will return. He has created each of us with whatever we need to live according to his will and his plan for us. We can trust that obeying him will end more pleasantly than disobeying. We can love God enough that we will not turn from his will. In his strength, we can be ready to see him return and to stand on the earth.

Be ready for the Redeemer's return.

Randall A. Forbes is an artist, retired minister, and plant operations director at Kingswood University, as well as a follower of Christ and lover of life.

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