Pastor Balsamser lived in the town of Barpak, Nepal. He is an area pastor for The Wesleyan Church, overseeing the churches and the JESUS film team working in this area. In the last year, he has planted seven churches through the JESUS film. As the film is shown, villagers are amazed at the power of Jesus to heal sickness. Many experience physical healing personally, and the church continues to grow rapidly. In one village alone, 130 people have given their lives to Christ.

On April 25, Pastor Balsamser’s life completely changed. His village of Barpak is only a few miles from the epicenter of the massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 that brought the country to its knees. Pastor Balsamser’s house was destroyed, and five members of his family lost their lives.

We stood this weekend in the ruins of one of the village churches led by Pastor Balsamser. Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we were able to give out twelve large tents, capable of sleeping twenty people. Additionally, your generosity supplied much needed water filters that they could use to purify the water from the nearby river.

Together with World Hope International, The Wesleyan Church is responding with hope in the midst of dark days. The more than 50 Wesleyan churches throughout the country of Nepal are strategically positioned to serve in crisis. The church has been in Nepal prior to the crisis. They are here now, meeting acute needs. And when many other organizations have left the country, the church will still be here, faithfully proclaiming the kingdom of God.

When you give through the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund and World Hope International, you are partnering with a network of local Wesleyan churches spread throughout the country. You are speeding relief to those who need it most. You are positioning churches to be lights in their communities. And you are participating in a holistic strategy of Christ-centered relief and development. Together we are amplifying local church mission for global transformation.

What about Pastor Balsamser? He is grieving the many losses he has experienced—his family, his house, his town. But he is more passionate than ever to see the lost reached and the church take root throughout the most severely impacted region of Nepal. He is giving his all for the mission. Will we join him?

Contributor Ben Ward serves as assistant Asia area director for Global Partners. He and three others are representing The Wesleyan Church of North America and World Hope International on a disaster relief assessment team in Nepal. They have just returned to Kathmandu from Barpak, near the earthquake epicenter, where many donated tents and supplies were delivered in this area where several Wesleyan churches recently started.