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I will set out and go back to my father and say to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you. (Luke 15:18)

Have you ever found yourself rehearsing in your head the words you were planning to say? Those rehearsed words could have been for an upcoming speech, a moment of confrontation, or tailing a moment of conviction leading up to a needed apology. The truth is many of us have found ourselves in situations where we intentionally rehearse our words with at least a partial understanding of what is at stake and a desire to make things right.

In the book of Luke, this story shared by Jesus shows the younger brother desiring to make right what was wrong while also realizing the grief that both his earthly father and heavenly Father endured. It’s after this moment of realization and repositioning of his heart that we find him rehearsing his words in hopes of making things right. What is beautiful is that while his rehearsed words shed light on the position of his repentant heart, his earthly father showed love and compassion before any of his rehearsed words were ever spoken.

Through this story coupled with our own human experiences, we are reminded that both the words and position of the heart are ever so important, along with knowing there is a heavenly Father who knows his children so well and is filled with never-ending love and compassion. A heavenly Father, anxious to embrace, forgive, and listen.

Let your words glorify the Father and your heart know his compassion.

Laura Walls is a wife, new mom, and assistant pastor at Waterline Church. She enjoys laughing with friends, sitting around a campfire, and trips to the local craft store.

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