Covington Wesleyan Church in Reidsville, N.C., held a special service on October 19 to honor the many leaders and first responders of Rockingham County. Over 500 people attended the service to show their love and appreciation for those who perform tasks beyond the call of duty in order that we can enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Sunday morning’s message “You Are Our Heroes,” was given by Rev. Ralph Clayton and directed toward the personnel who truly deserve to be called heroes.

Following the morning service, the first responders and community leaders were welcomed to a reception where they were each presented with a First Responder’s Bible to assist them with the struggles that accompany the difficult situations that are faced daily.

Covington Church wants the county’s police officers, firefighters, EMS technicians, and all others in this line of responsibility to know that they are being prayed for and supported by a community of people who recognize the sacrifices that are made for each one of us and this is a small way that we can extend our gratitude,” said Rev. Clayton. “These are the unsung heroes who courageously put their lives on the line, and for that, they deserve our gratitude.”