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She caught him by his cloak and said, “Come to bed with me!” But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house. (Gen. 39:12)

Take some time to imagine your life as you dream it could be. Perhaps it includes having a loving family, working your dream job, finding the right house in the right place, or something else. Regardless of what your dreams of success include, they require work. Even if you are given everything you need to make the dream happen, you will need to work to maintain the dream job, keep up the perfect house, and love your friends and family. Now, after all that hard work, imagine that you’re faced with choosing between doing what is wrong and keeping your dreams intact, or losing everything that you’ve worked for in order to do what is right.

Although a slave, Joseph had worked diligently for God and faithfully attended to the work Potiphar entrusted to him. This brought on the negative and tireless attention of Potiphar’s wife, who tried to seduce him. However, instead of entertaining the temptation placed before him, he fled, leaving his cloak behind! Joseph was willing to sacrifice his status as head of the household, in a sense shedding the cloak he had been trusted with, in order to preserve his integrity and serve God.

When we are faced with temptations, however relentless to ensnare us, our duty is to run from them, even when running comes at great cost to the work we have accomplished.

Flee from temptations, regardless of the consequences.

Allison Krupp is a resident pastor at College Wesleyan Church in Marion, Indiana, and pursuing ordination. She enjoys having conversations over coffee and laughing loudly with friends.

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