The words were still on his lips when a voice came from heaven . . . “Your royal authority has been taken from you.” (Dan. 4:31)

AS A CHILD, I liked pushing limits. My parents have told stories about times when I was given specific instructions not to do something but went on to do the forbidden act, turned to them, and smiled. I guess I wanted to see if they would follow through on their threat of discipline. The instruction had been given. The consequence of disobeying was known. If I did (insert action), there would be necessary reactions to correct my behavior. I knew this. Yet, I still made those decisions. Now, in my thirties, I still remember some of those consequences.

This is where we find King Nebuchadnezzar. Earlier, God gave him words of warning. A year later, he experienced the consequences for his disobedience. He was reminded of the warning previously given, but, unfortunately, he remembered too late. He hadn’t even finished bragging about his deeds when God spoke. The king was so focused on himself that, due to his pride, he forgot about the warning that had been told to him. God had to follow through with the discipline foretold.

God has given us all instructions in order to help us live better lives, keeping Him first. However, we must make sure our pride doesn’t overshadow these warnings, making us forgetful of their message.

Ask God to show you where pride may be overshadowing His warnings.

Traver Paul Butcher is passionate about other cultures, travel, the outdoors, music, art, writing, leadership development, and introducing people to a man named Jesus.

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