The following is a listing of Wesleyan pastors, missionaries and leaders who have passed away. These notices were received March 28 –  April 10, 2024.

Virginia Allan Harper Link (89) died February 9, 2024. She served with her husband, Orvan Joe Link, as missionaries with Global Partners.

Rev. Miles Edward Bennett (89) died March 22, 2024. He pastored in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia.

Rev. Arnold McArthur Beard (82) died April 3, 2024. He pastored in Georgia, Virginia, North and South Carolina.

Rev. Dr. Keith Drury (78) died April 7, 2024. He pastored and served as General Secretary of Youth, General Secretary of Local Church Education and General Board member in The Wesleyan Church.

Dr. Charles Lee Joiner (84) died April 8, 2024. He served as a General Board member of The Wesleyan Church and interim president for Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville.

Rev. William Warren Wallace, Jr. (80) died April 8, 2024. He pastored in the North Carolina West District.


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