The following is a listing of Wesleyan pastors, missionaries and leaders who have passed away. These notices were received November 3–30.

*Rev. Joseph Ocran died October 31, 2023. He served as a missionary in Ghana.

Rev. Dr. Everett Amos Putney (93) died November 7, 2023. He pastored in Indiana and Florida and taught at Central Wesleyan College (now Southern Wesleyan University).

Rev. Bobby Grey Freeman (89) died November 12, 2023. He pastored in the North Carolina East District.

Rev. Charles LaRoy Clark (81) died November 14, 2023. He pastored in the Northwest District.

Rev. David Whitmire (81) died November 24, 2023. He pastored in the Crossroads District.

Patricia Louise Gonser-Rose (87) died November 25, 2023. She served with her husband, Rev. Walter J. Gonser, Jr., in Indiana.

Rev. Tim Robinson (61) died November 26, 2023. He pastored in the Northeast District.

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