The following is a listing of Wesleyan pastors, missionaries and leaders who have passed away. These notices were received through September 12 – October 2.

Dr. David Hurd (61) died September 13. He pastored in the Shenandoah District for 40 years.

Rev. Orland Johnson (89) died September 24. He pastored in Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois, Alabama, Texas and Ohio and was district superintendent of the former Texas District.

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Rev. David Kujawa (56) died October 1. He pastored in Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Rev. Lloyd Moore (67) died September 14. He pastored in Canada, Florida and Indiana and served at Hephzibah Children’s Home in Macon, Georgia.

Rev. Paul Titus (88) died September 29. He pastored in Indiana and North Carolina.

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