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For whenever you eat this bread and drink this cup, you proclaim the Lord’s death until he comes. (1 Cor. 11:26)

I once belonged to a church that practiced weekly community mealtimes; every attendee was to bring something to share. There were those who brought multiple courses and those who brought one item. When participants went through the line, more than likely those who brought ample portions ate only from those portions and left behind the simple, and often meager, portions placed there.

Fellowship, solidarity, and sharing equally with all were the intended elements of both the church mealtime gatherings and the Lord’s Supper. However, like the potluck meal above, the rich ate their offerings and ignored the simple fare provided by those who brought what they could. The Lord’s Supper, intended as Communion taken in a worthy manner to honor and remember Christ’s sacrifice, instead was consumed in an unworthy attitude of self-serving.

Both opportunities above were meant to diminish societal differences and division and bring unity; instead, disunity and difference resulted. Paul, through this Scripture, clearly outlined the instructions for this communion; it is no wonder Paul could say that they came together for the good but only made it worse through their selfish arrogance. The Psalms declare that it is good and pleasant when people live together in unity. Compassionate love and respect are the building blocks of communion and unity.

Model Jesus by practicing compassionate love.

Susan Gordon is a wife, mom, and grammie who recently received her master’s degree at age 69. She enjoys art, photography, being active, and creation.

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