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“Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labor, for their deeds will follow them.” (Rev. 14:13)

There’s a quote I’ve seen on the internet that says, “Adulthood is saying, ‘But after this week things will slow down a bit,’ over and over until you die.” It makes me laugh, because at this stage in my life, it feels so true. I’ve caught myself saying this exact thing several times in the past few weeks.

Life is busy and it just seems to be getting busier. We must be intentional to rest and say no to things—even good things sometimes—in order to do so. However, for those who follow the Lamb there is the promise of rest—and not just physical rest, but eternal rest for our souls.

In addition to that rest, the Lord will also honor the obedience of those who lived for him on earth and followed his commands. God has clearly called us to labor for him while we are here on earth. We have been commissioned to make disciples and be obedient to the commands he has given us. While we know that it is God’s grace alone that saves us, we also know that the deeds we do in his name flow out of that salvation. Yes, there is work to be done, but what a comfort it is to know that there will one day be rest from our labor.

Rest in the Lord, and thank him for his provision.

Deborah Rhodes is colead pastor of Parkside Church in Greenville, SC. She is passionate about studying and teaching God’s Word.

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