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“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” (Matt. 24:36)

Expanded Passage: Matthew 24:36-39

I bet you’ve had days at work where you were counting down the minutes until you could clock out. I’ve worked in my school district for a few years now, and every year the same thing happens. As the last day of class before the holiday approaches, you can almost taste the anticipation in the air. Every second feels drawn out. It leads to more chaos and restlessness, all leading up to the final minute when the bell rings.

Jesus reminded the apostles to be anticipating his return. As Jesus related the story of Noah, he reminded them how people lost sight of what was most important. Instead of drawing near to God, they became caught up in sin and destruction. This ultimately led to their demise when the flood came. Only Noah and his family survived due to his unceasing faith.

Today, everything is available to us immediately through our devices, and when we want something, we often get it right at that moment. It’s become easy to forget that not all anticipation is bad. In fact, it is often in anticipation that we grow to appreciate something even more when we finally get what we are waiting for. So, what are we doing in the meantime? If that day was tomorrow, how would you want to spend today?

Imagine what it means to live in anticipation of Christ’s return.

Shannon Fraser is a Kingswood University (NB) graduate who enjoys wedding photography and being involved in her local church. She resides with her husband in Canada.

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