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It saves you by the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who has gone into heaven and is at God’s right hand. (1 Peter 3:21–22)

I held my sobbing eleven-year-old daughter, Allaina, and tried to be strong, even though angry questions swirled in my own head and threatened to burst out in unbridled grief. Allaina’s best friend, Sarah, had died suddenly of an asthma attack.

Allaina wrote a song for Sarah and sang it at the funeral. Sarah’s family gave Allaina one of Sarah’s favorite necklaces and a prayer journal revealing how close she was to Jesus—and how full of the Holy Spirit the incredible twelve-year-old girl was!

The loss changed my daughter forever; yet the years have developed in her such a mature joy and steadfast faith that I am in awe. Rather than being bitter at God, pushing others away, or wallowing in despair, Allaina is fully embracing the abundant life God has promised her. On difficult days, she clings to hope in God’s resurrection power.

Sometimes Allaina will say, “Sarah is laughing at me” or “Sarah approves” (particularly when a good decision has been made). Allaina has no doubt that Sarah is fully alive and even aware of earthly events as Jesus reveals them to her. Allaina knows she will see her best friend again; in the meantime, she rests in the knowledge that death has no power over those who belong to Jesus, neither in this life nor in the life to come.

Face difficult circumstances with the resurrection power of Christ.

Laura Hurd is an ordained minister in The Wesleyan Church and holds a master’s degree from Wesley Seminary [IN]. She pastors with her husband, Jason, in rural Nebraska.

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