He is the beginning and the firstborn from the dead, so that in everything he might have supremacy. (Col. 1:18)

A FAVORITE BOOK on the subject of leadership is The Caine Mutiny by Herman Wouk. This prize-winning novel, set in World War II, follows the fortunes of young naval officers aboard a destroyer-minesweeper. Believing that their ship’s captain is unstable, they plot to have him removed from command and one of their own named to replace him. Ironically, that officer finds that the burden of leadership weighs heavily on his shoulders, and he behaves even more erratically than previous commander. The point? Being a leader is much harder than you think.

Many people aspire to some position of leadership in life or in the church without understanding all that it entails. To rule is to have both authority and responsibility. It’s a large obligation, and it requires more from us than we realize. Not everyone is up to it. But Christ is. He is the leader of the church, the head of the body. He has undergone the ultimate trial and survived; he is the firstborn from among the dead. He is supreme over all things.

When tempted to question Christ in some way, remember that his authority is earned. He is wise enough, good enough, strong enough, courageous enough, determined enough, and selfless enough to be trusted. Give Him the honor that is rightfully His in your life and in your church.

Acknowledge Jesus as your Lord today.

Lawrence W. Wilson is the author of A Different Kind of Crazy (WPH) and coauthor of The Long Road Home (WPH). He lives in central Indiana and blogs at www.lawrencewilson.com.

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