But Christ is faithful as the Son over God’s house. And we are his house. (Heb. 3:6)

We secure our valuables because, as the name states, they have worth to us. We often allow ourselves to spend a little more money if it means ensuring the safety of what is important to us. Simply talking about safety is not sufficient; we must seek ways to implement safety measures.

Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit of God. We are God’s dwelling place. It always amazes me to think that though we are so small, so fallible, so full of flaws, God would still choose us as vessels in which he would pour his Holy Spirit. Thus, we are responsible for being good stewards of the body he has given us. The Holy Spirit is like God’s global positioning system, his GPS. He directs us in the way we should go, by giving us specific directions, which we must follow in order to reach our final destination.

Sin separates us from God and the Holy Spirit is not compatible with sin. He speaks to us and convicts us when we sin, giving us a chance to steer away from it, just as a GPS will help us steer from dangers on the road. God gives us the freedom to choose between right and wrong and all we need to do is listen to and follow his instructions and guidance.

Choose good each time you are faced with choices that are opposite.

Luska Natali is a native of Brazil who is passionate about God, her family, learning new languages (she fluently speaks three), and meeting people.

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Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.