Seaford Wesleyan Church hosted its first Ark and Animal Day, with more than 300 in attendance. The idea developed as Pastor Dave Kiser and his Seaford, Del., staff contemplated how to build on the momentum that most churches experience on Easter Sunday.

“Most churches have special family events the week before Easter, so let’s plan an event the Sunday after,” Pastor Dave said. “Let’s make it an event that is Bible-based and what better thing than to focus on the uniqueness of our building.” Located on Route 13 between Seaford and Laurel, “The Ark” is known as a local landmark.

Local farmers, the Salisbury Zoo, the local 4-H, a mobile petting zoo, and a family that trains coon dogs were all invited to bring their animals. Staff and helpers worked to prepare a carnival-like setting with hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, large baskets of fresh fruits, and ice cones. There were moon bounces and hayrides for community resident invited to the free event.

An average Sunday attendance for “The Ark” is 125 people, while Easter attendance this year totaled 375. One family from the community that brought its own farm animals has now made Seaford Wesleyan its home church. The children’s ministry has also experienced growth as a result of the event.

Pastor Dave and staff plan to make Ark and Animal Day an annual event.