We were eyewitnesses of his majesty. (2 Peter 1:16)

When God moves in your life, you remember it. In college, my summer job was remaking beds in a dorm. The building was empty, and I still get chills when I put myself back in that cinder block hallway, completely alone in the silence. Working alone left plenty of time for prayer, and like many young adults, I had been praying about my future. Lord, what do you want from me? What can I do for you? I am yours. I bend to your desires. I submit to you. How can I find you? These phrases were familiar, because I had prayed them a hundred times before with no response.

This time though, I felt a reply: Lead and learn, alone. Then, almost immediately, the picture that came to mind was Jesus praying, alone, while his disciples fell asleep. The message was clear. I was to chase after Jesus on my own. God was assuring me that he had provided, in his Word, all that I needed to find him. It was exactly the message I needed as it prompted me away from some destructive patterns (deficiency and dependency thinking) and into new joy. I was an eyewitness, that day, to God’s goodness. Peter reminded me—and you—to continue telling the stories of Christ’s redeeming power again and again.

Keep telling the stories of God’s redeeming work in your life.

Erin Crisp is executive director of The Center for Learning and Innovation at IWU National & Global, and a contributing writer for Annesley Writer’s Forum.

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Scriptures taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version®, NIV®.