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Seek me with all your heart. (Jer. 29:13)

Expanded Passage: Jeremiah 29:10-14; 32:6-15, 36-44

I lost my wallet while having fun in Indianapolis with some college friends, I didn’t even notice it was missing until we were back to the car at the end of the day. I looked around where we were parked to see if I had dropped it there, but night had fallen, and I quickly gave up the search. I went home dealing with the loss (not that I had much money in my wallet as a college student).

Over a decade later, I was on a family vacation with my wife and two young kids. In a beach-side store, my daughter disappeared. My wife began to panic. I went on high alert. My mind raced to the myriad of possible worst-case scenarios. Drowning? Kidnapping? Lost in the nearby forest? We scanned the area for her, yelled for her; we remained in all-out-seeking mode until we eventually found her.

In each story, I lost something valuable—a wallet and a daughter. The wallet was only worth a little bit of searching, and I gave up rather quickly. For my little girl, however, I was ready to do anything to get her back. I would not have stopped searching until she was found. God wants us to seek him like that. Jesus told us to seek his kingdom and his righteousness above all else. Don’t stop until you have it in hand.

Spend a moment in prayer seeking God today.

Jarod Osborne is lead pastor of Pathway (Wesleyan) Church, in Warsaw, Ind.. He is the author of Jaded Faith (WPH).

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