Make the most of every opportunity. (Col. 4:5)

I grew up in basketball country. As a young aspiring athlete, I would dribble around my makeshift court in an imaginary game with only seconds left and my team down by one point. I wanted the ball so I could count down the seconds and shoot the winning basket. I practiced that scenario over and over so I would be ready if the opportunity to be the hero ever presented itself. It never happened, but if it had, I knew I would have made the most of it and sunk the winning shot.

An opportunity is when a set of circumstances converge to create a favorable condition to accomplish something. Opportunities come to us in different shapes, sizes, and potentials every day. To make the most of an opportunity, you must be able to see it. Sometimes we miss opportunities because they come disguised as problems.

When you least expect it, a chance to make a difference will come to you. You must be prepared—ready to seize the moment. Suddenly the ball is in your hands. No time to second-guess, only time to take decisive action and make the most of the opportunity.

If you are a child of God, he places opportunities in your life every day to become more than you are and to accomplish his great purpose. He asks that you make the most of every one of those opportunities.

Here comes the ball! Are you ready?

Look for an opportunity to encourage someone who needs their spirit lifted.

Dr. Ken Heer was an ordained minister with The Wesleyan Church, prior to his death in 2016. He served as a pastor, educator, and church leader for more than forty years, helping people grow in Christ.

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