I suspect that Spooner Wesleyan Church in Wisconsin is a great Wesleyan church. On their Facebook page, it’s inspiring seeing the many wonderful photos of people being baptized outdoors (in the summer!). It’s great seeing their hands-on involvement in missions in Guatemala and other places. And they look like a loving, fellowship-rich community of believers.

A few weeks ago, they did something amazingly generous and faith-filled. Senior Pastor Ron Gormong reports that on November 17th, it was announced that all the tithes and offerings that Sunday would go to the Wesleyan relief efforts for victims of the disastrous typhoon in the Philippines. They ended up contributing over $14,000, the single largest donation that has been received!

Pastor Ron said they made the decision on short notice after hearing about the typhoon disaster and the great need, and the offering was far beyond what they typically collect. This is an incredible example of their generous spirit and God’s response and blessing.

Breathe a prayer of praise and thanks and for God’s continued blessing on Spooner Wesleyan Church.

Donate and see 100% go to make a difference for the people in the Philippines disaster.

Pastor Ron Gormong

Tacloban cyclone aftermath