He will defend the afflicted among the people and save the children of the needy. (Ps. 72:4)

“HOW DID THE FOOTBALL GAME go last week?” asked the principal.

“We won, sir, 21 to 7,” replied the student.

“That is great! How’s your family doing?” the principal continued.

I heard many conversations like this one between students and my principal as I walked the halls of the school in a low-income neighborhood where I taught. The principal was at the school all hours of the day, trying to make everything just right for teachers and students alike. He was a servant.

When I think of Jesus, one word comes to mind to describe Him: servant. He is the role model for leaders in the Scriptures. First, Jesus was willing to come to earth as a human, giving up His rights as God. Second, Jesus’ highest ambition was to bring salvation to others. According to Psalm 72, He will judge with righteousness and justice, defend the afflicted, crush oppressors, provide blessings to the righteous, and be honored by many. This doesn’t sound like someone wanting to climb the corporate ladder of success. I can trust that Jesus will do what is best for me in every situation.

We are all leaders to someone. Others are watching you. Check yourself. Be sure that the witness you present to others displays the heart of Christ. What words would your friends you use to describe you?

Take a sincere interest in one other person today.