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And Abram said, “You have given me no children; so a servant in my household will be my heir.” (Gen. 15:3)

During a very difficult season of my life as a teenager, a couple from my church invited me out to lunch. Because we had spent extensive time together previously, I knew they cared about me. It was not long after we ordered our food that I began to share my burdens. They listened, and I felt loved. Afterwards, my situation was unchanged, but my heart felt lighter knowing that they were supporting me. Our relationship gave me the space to be vulnerable and honest.

Abram had spent years following the Lord, and he had an intimate relationship with God. But his heart was aching. Although he did not question the sovereignty of the Lord, he needed to pour out his heart regarding his lack of understanding of being childless. Because he had a close relationship to God, he could share his burden with certainty that God was listening.

Sometimes we hesitate about sharing our burdens with the Lord. We wonder if we should be open about our hurt, disappointment, anger, and frustration. However, the reality is God loves us so much that he wants to hear our heart’s cry. God’s desire for our relationship with him is that we are close enough to feel safe to share our emotions. Even if our situations do not change, we can take comfort in feeling loved and supported by God.

Let God listen to your heart and love you through the pain.

Carla Working copastors a Wesleyan church in Huntington, Indiana, with her husband. She also works for the Crossroads District as a ministry liaison.

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