First Simple Church in Williamsburg, Va., observed Memorial Day weekend with an extra special celebration and remembrance—transitioning from a developing church to an established church. First Simple is under the leadership of Dr. Sam and Debbie Frye.

After the second worship service, the congregation enjoyed an old fashioned dinner on the grounds while listening to a gospel bluegrass band. Following lunch, the church reconvened in the sanctuary where District Superintendent Rev. Greg Reynolds presided over First Simple’s very first local church conference. (The local church conference, or LCC, is the annual business meeting of a church at which they elect board members, trustees, and delegates to district conference.) The LCC began with prayer and a letter of congratulations from Dr. Jo Anne Lyon, General Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church. Dr. Frye then presented the State of the Church address, followed by Rev. Reynolds presenting the first Local Board of Administration candidates and submitted to the church members for vote. A charge was then delivered to the church covenant members.

“God is really blessing a simple ministry at the foot of the Chickahominy River bridge,” said Dr. Frye. People are getting saved, baptized, joining the church, and discipled. Dr Lyon challenged everyone to start our own gatherings. So this weekend we are hosting an old fashioned community tent revival with area churches of various race and denominations. The revival is designed to break down denominational, social, and racial barriers. We will also have a river baptism.”

“First Simple Church is being built by excellent leadership, a focused mission and an inspiring vision,” said Rev. Reynolds. “Dr. and Mrs. Sam Frye continue to serve sacrificially as they lead the local church in touching their community and beyond.”

First Simple was planted in 2012. In just over two years, the church has grown to over 100 weekly attendees, 42 covenant members, 40 professions of faith, and 37 baptisms. Memorial Day weekend alone, six people submitted their application for review for covenant member status.