He is a double-minded man, unstable in all he does. (James 1:8)

After having her heart broken by an insensitive fiancé, a young believer found herself experimenting with alcohol, drugs, and even the occult to escape the emotional prison she found herself in. With the help of a mature believer, she was able to identify the areas in her life where Satan had secured a stronghold, resulting in her anger, uncertainty, and fear.

Only when she was able to place her trust solely in Jesus, and not the false promises of the world, was she able to find the peace for which she so desperately yearned. She reflected, “I came to see that life is like a chess board. Each little square on the board represents an event or person in your life. If you allow, Satan can use each event or square to his advantage and build a stronghold or castle there. Depending on how many squares you allow him to have on the chess board, he can build a whole kingdom!”

James reminds us that folks who have no sure footing in Christ become like those tossed about like the waves. When this young woman responded to the suffering in her life with bitterness and rebellion, she lost her sense of direction. When she came back to Christ, she experienced single-mindedness and stability. Steadfastness is obtained only by seeking out and implementing God’s wisdom.

Be single-minded and stable in the Lord.

Doug Schmidt is a freelance content developer living in Denver. His favorite thing to do is to sit in comfortable chairs and “download the day” with his wife.

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