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Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and prayed to the Lord. (Isa. 38:2)

Only a few cars were on the state road after I turned off the interstate, and only one or two on the winding road leading to the trailhead. I laced my hiking boots, the sounds of the winter birds and the leafless branches of trees brushed together in the breeze unchallenged. Winter temperatures had kept most hikers at home. The anticipation of solitude made me pause: Walking alone meant that I would walk with only God in my head—an experience I always found sobering.

Hezekiah was ill and in bed, but still pursued a private conversation with God, in the privacy of his own heart. He could have prayed an open prayer of righteousness, outlining the deeds he had accomplished for God. He could have prayed for others to hear a display of great knowledge. Instead, Hezekiah turned his face to the wall.

Solitude allows us to walk with God alone. He sees our secret heart, hidden from others lest it inadvertently reveal its contents: our ambitions, our posturing for power or admiration, or our uncertainties and shame. Adam and Eve walked with God in his presence, naked and unashamed. God sees all of us, but especially into our secret hearts. He hears our wordless conversations with him. He listens and brings questions to mind. “What about this? How do you fit this into walking with me?”

Seek God in your secret heart.

Sandy Emmett is the Wellness Synergist for Global Partners. She grew up as a MK, learning language in several countries in Europe and Africa. She loves reading, walking/hiking, traveling to new places, and—her new granddaughter.

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