Rev. Keith Loy, founding and senior pastor of Celebrate Church in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, recently talked to Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner in an interview touching on the challenges of racism.

Williams-Skinner is a faith and community leader, advisor and author with much influence. She is the CEO and co-founder of Skinner Leadership Institute, which has been developing “difference-making leaders” for more than 25 years. The organization has a long history of building bridges and advancing the inclusion of people of all cultures in both the private and public sector.

During the interview, Williams-Skinner, a former self-proclaimed agnostic who left the church and did not return for 20 years, unfolds the issue of race through the eyes of God and provides priceless and practical ways to make a real difference right where you are.

“We hope you will not only enjoy the video, but that it will shed some new light that will change your heart and behaviors in a way that will change a culture,” said Loy.