But David remained in Jerusalem. (2 Sam. 11:1)

IDLE HANDS ARE THE DEVIL’S TOOLS is not an exact quotation from Scripture, but it agrees with the apostle Paul’s note to the Thessalonian Christians. He observed that some of them were idle and had become busybodies (2 Thess. 3:11).

Fred retired 20 years ago, and moved into a town house with amenities. He doesn’t have to mow the lawn, shovel snow, or make repairs to his house. All of those activities are included in the dues. So how does Fred fill his leisure hours? He practically lives on the telephone. He calls his fellow church members, asks how they are getting along, and then passes the information along to others. Much of his long conversations overflow with gossip that he calls prayer requests. “Bill and Jane are having marital trouble” “Milly’s teenage son is giving her trouble. He stays out late, smokes pot, and threatens to run away from home.” “Tony has lung cancer. Apparently his smoking habit has caught up with him.”

If King David had led his army into battle instead of staying home. . . .Of course that’s hypothetical, but the point is idleness invites temptation. If we can’t work at a job or around the house, we can be active prayer warriors and earnest Bible students. And if we talk on the phone, we can be encouragers instead of gossipers.

Shun idleness with the same intensity with which you shun the flu!

Jim Dyet was born in Scotland and grew up in Canada. Married fifty-eight years, he and his wife Gloria live in Colorado Springs, where Jim enjoys golf and daily walks with their dogs.

© 2018 Wesleyan Publishing House. Reprinted from Light from the Word. Used by permission.