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I write to you, dear children, because you know the Father. (1 John 2:14)

Ferdinand* gave his permission right away when his son wanted to attend Bible meetings in our neighborhood. While he had greatly respected a missionary he had known, he himself had never become a Christian. His son Osman* not only went to one Bible meeting but also kept coming back and became a Christian. Then Osman shared what he learned about the Lord with his father, and his father became a Christian.

Where we live, and maybe worldwide, a child cannot attend a meeting without the permission of a parent. So while a child may be the first in his or her family to come to know Christ, the parents’ consent for the child to learn about God has made this possible in the first place. Likewise, where we live, children have much more free time on their hands than their parents. They tend to study the Bible and attend meetings more than adults, and then they share what they learn with family and friends. Those adults who have grown up following the Lord, though, are essential to the leadership of the church and the youth maturing in their newfound faith.

In today’s passage, John mentioned children, fathers, and young men. He recognized that all generations are important to have a truly strong, victorious church and reach the world with the gospel. All ages are important in establishing God’s church.

* names changed

Encourage someone from another generation in their God-given role in the church.

Caryl Aukerman—wife, missionary and mother of three—has served with Global Partners in the country of Albania for over fourteen years.

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