In May, Wesleyan World Headquarters set aside two work days when employees could volunteer a day of hard work in a local community service project. This year, employees worked with Outreach, Inc., a Christian, nonprofit organization that helps homeless young adults (ages 14-24) in Indianapolis.

“Outreach, Inc. was chosen because we wanted to work with a ministry that was in Indianapolis,” said Jennifer Heidenreich, Human Resources Manager and event coordinator. “After talking with Wesleyan Investment Foundation CEO Craig Dunn, a key sponsor, we determined that helping this ministry to reach the homeless youth would be a great cause.”

Throughout the two days, the scores of volunteers did a wide variety of projects, including staining the back deck; creating four raised-bed gardens the youths asked for; washing and sorting clothes; painting parts of the house’s exterior, and many other projects. The hard work invested was greatly appreciated. “The Outreach staff and young people were thrilled with all the volunteers did,” said Mike Elliot, the Director of Involvement at Outreach, Inc.

Not only did those at Outreach benefit, but the volunteers seemed to enjoy the experience. Volunteer and executive director Wayne MacBeth commented, “It was great to get out from behind a desk, join other volunteers on a team, and do physical work to help another partner in ministry in Indianapolis; especially one who shares the same goals of reaching out to help others in Jesus’ name.”

To accompany the employee volunteer work, the Wesleyan Investment Foundation also provided a generous grant that enabled the team to purchase supplies, some furnishings, as well as many items that were needed to directly help many of the homeless youth.

To learn more about Outreach, Inc., visit their website here.