Through partnership between The Wesleyan Church, World Hope International, Global Partners, and other organizations, the first shipment of supplies has been delivered in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, for those in dire need of help as a result of Hurricane Matthew.

An Airlink-coordinated cargo flight arrived in Port-au-Prince from Miami, Fla., on October 18. Nearly 400 large tarps (e.g., 16 x 32 ft., to use as temporary shelters), 2,500 personal hygiene kits and 1,000 water filters were delivered initially. This is part of the 50 tons of supplies delivered in the NGO (non-governmental organization) airlift shipment. This is just the first response, as the need is great. More items will be needed in the days, weeks, and months following.

Financial gifts to the Wesleyan Emergency Relief Fund are helping fund these efforts. Read more about the delivery on the Airlink website.

The greatest threats today, post-Hurricane, are cholera and hunger. Dan Irvine, Caribe Atlantic area director for Global Partners, has written an update from his perspective. Also read the latest news story on here.