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They have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. (Rev. 7:14)

If you have never asked someone about the story behind their tattoos, you are missing out. If you have a tattoo, you probably have a response ready when someone asks you about it. People often choose tattoos to represent something significant. It is an outward expression of an inward revelation, and in my experience, people often get a tattoo to remind them of a challenge they have overcome.

Scripture is full of reminders of God’s willingness to meet us in the valley of our despair and hardship and walk with us to overcome obstacles. In this revelation of John, the white-robed multitude had overcome the great tribulation. There are lots of interpretations for the timing of the great tribulation, but we might also consider it to be any personal or community tribulation. Just like the mom who wears a tattoo symbolic of a life transformed, the multitude wears robes symbolic of their transformation. They have been brought safely through tribulation and have soaked themselves in the life-blood of Jesus. Jesus has transformed them, and their white robes are shining symbols of triumph over death. Additionally, they have been given positions of honor and protection.

Robes, blood, temples, thrones—don’t let the foreignness of these objects distract from the power of John’s revealed truth. A life soaked in Jesus is a life that can overcome any obstacle.

Seek God’s presence through faith in Jesus.

Erin Crisp is mom to three teenage boys, wife to a Wesleyan pastor, and vice president at an EdTech company. Erin loves to learn and to create meaningful learning experiences for others through teaching, designing, and consulting.

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