We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. (2 Cor. 10:5)

MARCY COMMITTED HER LIFE to Christ, but because of past sins, she believed God wouldn’t bless her. Why should God give her a better job? She wasn’t entitled to it, she told herself. When she bought a newer car, she didn’t think she deserved such a luxury. Why should she ask God for a Christian husband? She wasn’t worthy of a godly partner—so she thought.

How did Marcy come to such a state of mind? How does the Enemy break into any believer’s life with destructive thinking? It begins with a thought. Has God really promised me that? Paul encouraged the Corinthian believers, barraged by memories of their pasts to take control of their thoughts. Failure to do so could spell trouble.

Your mind is a battleground. Thoughts come and go, and you may think you have no control over them. But you can take control of negative thinking. Be careful of what you see and hear. You may need to close a book, turn off the television, or look the other way. When a damaging thought enters your mind, open your Bible and read until you find a verse that speaks to you. Write the verse on a card and carry it with you. Memorize it. Repeat it often during the day. Be resolute in focusing on good, positive thoughts.

Keep your thoughts positive today by listening to Christian music.

Jewell Johnson lives in Arizona with her husband, LeRoy. They have six children and nine grandchildren. Besides writing, Jewell enjoys walking, reading, and quilting.