Listen to today’s devo!

Bring the boy to me. (Mark 9:19)

We spent the day at the lake with family and friends. It was a perfect Fourth of July holiday of swimming, boating, and delicious food. Shortly after arriving home that evening, my husband felt ill. His skin was a pale gray, and I knew something was wrong. He needed to see a doctor. After an hour or so, he agreed to go to the emergency room.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the ER staff whisked him back to an exam room thinking he was having a heart attack. Initial tests ruled out the heart, but additional testing revealed his gall bladder was infected. Surgery was scheduled for the next morning. Needless to say, he was grateful I took him to the doctor.

In today’s reading, a boy possessed by an evil spirit was suffering with seizures, gnashing of teeth, and foaming at the mouth. Jesus’ disciples had been unable to drive out the spirit. When Jesus heard about it, he told the boy’s father to bring his son to him.

When people are physically sick, we take them to the doctor. When people are spiritually sick, we need to take them to the Great Physician. Medical doctors have their place. Jesus has his. One addresses physical maladies and the other can heal anything within his will. May we have the courage to invite our friends and family to see Jesus.

Care enough to take others to the Great Physician.

Kathy Troyer, and her husband of forty-six years, are active in Cultivate [Wesleyan] Church in Indiana. They love spending time with their family—especially thirteen grandkids.

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